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Knife Perspective Podcast 005 – Doug Ritter Knife Rights

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Host:  Dan Eastland of Dogwood Custom Knives
Co-host: Kyle Daily of KH Daily Knives 
Show Topic: Interview with Doug Ritter of Knife Rights
Music: Tom the Brit



Show Notes

Today we are pleased to have Doug Ritter the driving force behind Knife Rights with us.  Doug talks with us about some of the key wins that they have had, and about the awesome Ultimate Steel Give Away that they are currently doing.

Knife Rights is the One Getting it Done™ – Rewriting Knife Law in America™ WITH YOUR HELP!

Knife Rights Overview

  • Helps Craft New Laws
  • Advises Law Makers
  • Challenges Illegal Laws 

Legislative and Litigation Accomplishments

  • 31 pro knife bills in 22 different states!
    • Alaska · Arizona · Colorado · Georgia · Illinois · Indiana · Kansas · Louisiana · Maine · Michigan · Missouri · Montana
      Nevada · New Hampshire · New York · Oklahoma · Tennessee · Texas · Utah · Washington · West Virginia · Wisconsin
  • 8 anti knife bills stoped!
    • Florida · Maryland · New Jersey · New York · Nevada · Washington
  • 5th Exception to the Federal Switchblade Act Protecting One-Hand Opening & Assisted-Opening Folders enacted by Congress (Knife Rights represented grassroots knife owners in a coalition including AKTI, NRA, NSSF and others)
  • Arizona Knife Law Preemption Enacted (a Pioneering Knife Rights Effort – First in the Nation) repealing dozens of local knife restrictions and preventing any future local restrictions
  • Texas Ban on “Illegal Knives” including Bowie Knives, Daggers, Dirks, Stilettos, Poniards, Swords, Spears and Blades over 5.5 inches Repealed
  • Illinois Switchblade Ban Repealed (Requires FOID Card)
  • Knife Owners’ Protection Act of 2019 (H.R. 88) including Repeal of the Federal Switchblade Act in the House of Representatives.
  • New York Gravity Knife Ban Repealed – Stops NYC’s persecution of pocket knife owners carrying common folding knives after 9 yeas of effort!

Knife Rights Ultimate Steel Giveaway

They have assembled an incredible array of OVER $165,000 in prizes for this Ultimate Steel™ Spectacular including custom, limited edition and production knives, celebrity signed knives, firearms and more. Every prize has been generously donated, so 100% of the proceeds supports Knife Rights’ legislative initiatives.

All of the money goes to knife rites prizes are donated 100% of proceeds go to fighting the good fight Doug and his wife do not even take a salary 

How does the raffle work?

  • It is a winners choice drawing, if you number is picked, you can pick anything that is available then the next number is pulled and they keep going. 

How much does it cost?

  • Entry’s can be bought on there website price starts at $20 per entry. The larger the donation the more entry’s you get!  At the $60 or more level, you get a years membership to knife rights included! 

Are the other ways people can help?

  1. Join Knife Rights ($35 for membership)
  2. When a call to action is sent on the email list, call / write the appropriate representatives.

One of the knives you can win is a knife donated by our own Dan Eastland of Dogwood Custom Knives! Here you can find a link to the Custom Dan Eastland Signature Big Papi “Pin-Up Girl” 10″ Chef’s Knife!

Other friends of the podcast that have knives entered

  • Andy Roy of Fiddleback Forge


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